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3121 Eagles Nest Street, STE 110 Round Rock, TX 78655

About SkyBridge Lofts:

SkyBridge Lofts’ architectural is supported by the multi-level fitness center, a group of suspended lofts create a bridge connecting either side of the community. The result feels light and spacious as it ties the community together.



Features of SkyBridge Lofts:

  • Natural Modern Design:  The SkyBridge Lofts design achieved by our team of world-class designers, demonstrates a strong commitment to creating innovative designs based on environmentally sustainable and financially viable business models.  At the SkyBridge Lofts, you will see the use of many innovative and sustainable materials, set in harmony with natural stones and other natural materials.
  • Exterior Architectural Panels:  The exterior of the SkyBridge Lofts will be comprised of materials made with state-of-the art technology. These materials will not only provide the SkyBridge Lofts with an outstanding and attractive modern look, but it will also contribute towards each loft’s energy efficiency, sustainability, and low maintenance, which translates into lower HOA fees.
  • Private Garages:  Most units include their own private, connected garage.
  • Exterior Terraces:  Enjoy the views from your private terrace. All units include one or more private terraces.
  • Operable Low-E Windows:  Low thermal emissivity windows will help keep your unit energy efficient.
  • Colors in Harmony:  SkyBridge’s exterior color palette was developed by a leading color consultant.  Although the chosen color palette reflects a mid-century modern feel, the colors selected ensure a long life, and not a short life due to an overplayed trend.
  • Exterior Lighting:  The exterior lighting at the SkyBridge Lofts was carefully selected and designed to light up the community at night, without creating an obnoxiously bright community that feels more like a commercial project.  IMPACT communities are well lit and feel safe while creating desirable ambiance.